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EASE Yourself Out of (big) Law Life

A Shape the Law event featuring guest instructor Elena Deutsch, MPH

You are extremely clear that you want out of big law life. After years of seeing how most partners live, and you know it’s not for you. Yet you don’t want to leave “the devil you know” for a lateral move at another firm. 

While ready to take action, you aren’t sure what you DO want.  Unfortunately, you’re too busy with work to figure it out on your own. 

One thing is clear—you want more say over your time. You want something that brings you more joy and satisfaction. 

EASE is a career transformation process that helps associates identify their most important work Elements, Appealing possibilities, Study options, and Engage in action.

This webinar can help you begin to remember what you are great at and love to do. It will get you thinking about your skills, interests and values, and how to leverage them for an in-house role or whole new arena.

Plus, we will cover a simple and effective prioritization exercise to give you clarity and energize your next steps.  

At the end of the webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Describe in your own words the EASE process
  • Begin to identify some of your unique skills, interests and values
  • Use a prioritization exercise to help you focus your job search and actions