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Designing Legal Products with the Practice Model Canvas

This workshop is offered as part of the Oregon State Bar’s Second Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference.

Modern entrepreneurs use the Business Model Canvas to generate insight into the most critical aspects of business or product offerings. The Practice Model Canvas is designed for lawyers, and this workshop illustrates how the Canvas approach facilitates developing a business or product plan that you will actually use! Participants will also receive their own copy of the Canvas. 

Facilitators: Alix Devendra, John Grant and Greg McLawsen.

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EASE Yourself Out of (big) Law Life

A Shape the Law event featuring guest instructor Elena Deutsch, MPH

You are extremely clear that you want out of big law life. After years of seeing how most partners live, and you know it’s not for you. Yet you don’t want to leave “the devil you know” for a lateral move at another firm. 

While ready to take action, you aren’t sure what you DO want.  Unfortunately, you’re too busy with work to figure it out on your own. 

One thing is clear—you want more say over your time. You want something that brings you more joy and satisfaction. 

EASE is a career transformation process that helps associates identify their most important work Elements, Appealing possibilities, Study options, and Engage in action.

This webinar can help you begin to remember what you are great at and love to do. It will get you thinking about your skills, interests and values, and how to leverage them for an in-house role or whole new arena.

Plus, we will cover a simple and effective prioritization exercise to give you clarity and energize your next steps.  

At the end of the webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Describe in your own words the EASE process
  • Begin to identify some of your unique skills, interests and values
  • Use a prioritization exercise to help you focus your job search and actions
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Meetup with International #NewLaw Leaders

The PDX Legal Hackers Meetup group is very excited to announce an impromptu meetup with three internationally recognized leaders in the NewLaw and LegalTech movements: Cat Moon, Jeena Cho, and Portland's own Alexandra Devendra! 

These forward-looking lawyers will lead a panel discussion ranging from hot topics like the blockchain and AI in legal, to less buzzworthy (but perhaps more important) concepts like what legal teams can learn from the ResponsiveOrg and Holacracy movements, why a meditation practice can help you deliver better client value (and how to start one), how to innovate using the tools of design professionals, and why diversity is the key to achieving better outcomes.

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How to Create a Sustainable Relationship with Digital Technology

As technology allows easier connection with our work, family, friends, and the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in an era of 24/7/365 connection.

More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Seventy-five percent of Americans use their smartphones while on the toilet.

All of this constant connection can leave us feeling exhausted. The pace of media consumption and time spent in front of a screen is unsustainable.

Often, advice on how to use digital technology to avoid the sensation of “drinking from the firehose” is offered as a list of simple do’s and don’ts. However, this type of one-size-fits-all advice is rarely helpful. While tips such as “just check your email twice a day” may sound good, they may not be practical given your work demands.

This one-hour webinar is designed to offer frameworks for understanding your current digital technology use and helping you come up with a plan that will work for you.

We’ll combine two different modalities:

  • Design Thinking: a set of tools used to understand a challenge, come up with prototypes or potential solutions, and repeatedly test and improve them.
  • Mindfulness: using present sense awareness while exploring the challenge through the lens of curiosity rather than judgement and limiting set beliefs.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand the basics of design thinking and how you can apply it to better recognize your current patterns of digital technology use
  • Come up with prototypes/solutions that you can test in your own life
  • Gain a foundational understanding of mindfulness and cultivate a daily meditation practice so you can pause, reflect and align what you do with your values
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Make Your Practice More Client Friendly with Design Thinking

Alexandra Devendra is teaming up with Sound Immigration to present a free webinar that introduces lawyers to the benefits of design thinking. Although design-driven businesses have been shown to outperform their competitors, the legal profession has been slow to adopt good design principles. In this webinar, we’ll explore not only how design can help lawyers differentiate their services, but also how design can make legal work product itself clearer and more effective. Learn what “design thinking” is all about. Hint: it’s not just about graphic design! WA CLE credit available.

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Building Your Brand: How Legal Design Shapes Your Success

Alexandra Devendra is teaming up with MerusCase, the practice management software company, to offer a free webinar on legal design. Anyone may attend, but registration is limited to 50 participants. Secure your spot today! Attendees can receive a discount on legal-design services as well as MerusCase onboarding fees. 

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Using Design Thinking & Mindfulness to Navigate Career Transitions

Shape the Law is offering a live, online workshop focused on using design thinking and mindfulness techniques to navigate career transitions in the law. The workshop will be led by Shape the Law co-founders Jeena Cho, Alix Devendra and Mary Redzic. The workshop is limited to 25 participants, so sign up now if you’re interested!

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Legal Innovation Meetup

Portland’s Legal Innovation & Technology Meetup group is holding a joint meeting with the Oregon State Bar’s Futures Task Force to discuss how to align their work. The meeting will feature a talk by Alix Devendra on design thinking as a tool for lawyers and other legal businesses to build and iterate products and services.

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