How my legal-design and org-design work is evolving

I’m excited to share some big news with you! In August I started working full time at Wevorce, a legal-tech company that helps couples who want an amicable divorce without lawyers. I’m thrilled by this new opportunity for many reasons—including the fact that Wevorce is a woman-led, purpose-driven organization.

The decision to scale back my consulting work so that I can dedicate most of my time to Wevorce was an easy one. Working at Wevorce actually gives me the chance to apply my niche—operating at the intersection of the future of law and the future of work—with extreme focus.

For me, the future of law means empowering people to resolve their own disputes and craft their own solutions to the greatest extent possible—so that they are not always forced to use our rigid, antiquated, and overburdened court system. And that is exactly what Wevorce is doing. At Wevorce, we provide couples with the information and tools they need to craft their own marital settlement agreements. We also provide communication frameworks to help couples navigate difficult conversations; if a couple gets stuck, they can reach out to us for mediation support.

Internally Wevorce has embraced many of the mindsets and methods that I associate with the future of work. It is a remote-first company with a clear and compelling Mission–Vision–Values statement. If you’re familiar with the Zebras Unite movement, or the book Reinventing Organizations, I would say Wevorce falls under both of those umbrellas.

As for what I’ll be doing day to day, my roles are Wevorce Coordinator for California and System Design Liaison. As Coordinator, I manage the team of people who help our customers through the divorce process in California. As System Design Liaison, I get to put on my systems-thinking and organization-design hats to help Wevorce scale with integrity.

What does this mean for my website and newsletter? I intend to continue blogging (sparingly) about legal and organizational design, and I will share those posts via my newsletter. As always, I am happy to connect with like-minded changemakers, so please feel free to reach out through my website with any questions or requests.