Legal Design Bootcamp

Last week I helped facilitate a Legal Design Bootcamp with Margaret Hagan at the Stanford We had over a dozen participants from a wide array of organizations—law firms, the court system, law schools, legal aid groups, and Silicon Valley businesses and investors.

Over the course of two days, we learned about the design-thinking process, stretched our creative muscles with a non-law-related challenge, and then workshopped the challenges the participants had brought from their own organizations. 

The atmosphere of the was inspiring, and the participants made great connections among themselves. During our debriefing session, the participants said that working within the constraints of the design-thinking process—including rather demanding time constraints—got them farther than they expected in terms of leaving the bootcamp with a prototype of a solution and clear next steps.

One of the challenges we tackled was how to better serve unaccompanied immigrant children trying to navigate the US legal system. The team working on this challenge came up with a very innovative solution, which you can read about here. For more information about the bootcamp as a whole, check out the Legal Design Initative blog

If you’re interested in participating in a future Legal Design Bootcamp, please let me know!